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MR-35521 gun barrel 76mm M1 w. muzzle thread protector for Sherman (TAMIYA)

MR-35557 stowage and personal gear M4A3E8 Sherman Europe 1944-45 (TAMIYA)

MR-35558 tow cable and cable eyes  IDF Puma APC (for all kits)

MR-35564 gun barrel 12cm KwK for Jagdpanther II  (AMUSING HOBBY)

MR-35565 stowage and personal gear M4A1 late Sherman Europe 1944-45

MR-35567 gun barrel 88mm Kw.K Jagdpanther II (AMUSING HOBBY)

MR-35575  tow cable and cable eyes for Sho`t Kal  (for all kits)

MR-35576 tow cable and cable eyes Mk.III - XII (for all kits)

MR-35580 chain, large, length approx. 400mm, with hooks and tow eyes (for all kits)

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